Thrust Washer – Things to Know

What is a Thrust Washer?

A thrust washer is a flat bearing that accommodates axial forces in rotating machines in order to keep the mechanism aligned along the main shaft. They can be found in multitudes of appliances including power tools and any devices that have moving, rotating parts. Their main purpose is to provide a surface on which the thrust bearing is hosted. By working with the thrust bearing to stabilizing the axial motions and save rotational force, thrust washers can improve the end play of an application. These thrust washers are made from a variety of materials, but the best ones are made of PFTE. While they can be made of many different metals, like porous brass, for example, PFTE provides the longest life with the lowest maintenance requirements.

What is a Thrust Washer Used For?

Thrust washers can be used for any mechanism that has a moving or rotating part along many different axes. Some examples are below:

Parking Brakes
Kitchen appliances
Recreational tools
Power tools
Axle assembles

What Materials are Thrust Washers Made From?

Thrust washers can be made of many different materials, and the material to use is based off of the intended application of the thrust washer. They can be made of stainless steel, bronze, graphite, and plastic (PFTE). We at Bushing MFG specialize in PFTE, as the self-lubricating products made of PFTE last longer and require much less maintenance than parts made from even the best metals.

What is the Average Size of Thrust Washers?

Thrust washers are usually between .4 and 2.5 inches, but they can be any size. At Bushing MFG we can customize our washers to be whatever size you need for your application. Just provide out engineering team with a design, and we will gladly discuss delivery times and pricing to met your needs.

What is the Difference Between a Thrust Washer and a Flat Washer?

A thrust washer is a type of flat washer. What differentiates thrust washers from normal flat washers is that they are designed to survive high workloads and forces. Thrust washers are located between a stationary surface and a moving surface to provide stability along the motion’s path. Due to the high wear that thrust washers face, the best kinds of thrust washers are self-lubricating ones. These are made of PFTE, which is our most recommended product at Bushing MFG.