Meeting All of Your Struts & Strut Fittings Needs

Our capabilities allow us to create struts & strut fittings to suit many different requirements.  
If you are looking for general purpose or customized fasteners or packing, we can be the one who has the manufacturing & sourcing capabilities, with an extensive supply of raw materials and complete supplier certifications, to meet the most rigorous demands.

Why Choose H.J Tech

When you choose us as your struts & strut fittings supplier, we maintain an impressive and diverse selection of struts & strut fittings in a wide range of dimensions. All are stamped or machined from the most reliable and genuine quality materials. Our vast inventory enables us to meet your needs quickly, and even your required exceptionally large quantities. To get a quote, you can select the items through our catalog and email a RFQ or call us directly. Our dedicated customer service staff are ready to answer all of your questions and ensure all of your requests receive careful attention.
Our Capabilities And Services
We are able to produce and deliver flat washers, brackets and stamping parts in an wide range of materials, size, thicknesses and types, as a result of our potential capabilities and services. We maintain a comprehensive inventory of Washers, Anchors, Spring Nuts, Pipe Clamps, Standard Bolts & Nuts in Jiaxing City, China. A warehouse of over 18,000 square meters, and a staff of skilled machinists and experienced personnel are just parts of our superior abilities to deliver exactly what our customers need. We also provide completely customized OEM Packing & DIY Packing, etc.