Plating Thickness Test


In the metal coating processing industry, in order to evaluate the galvanized coating thickness, a zinc plating thickness tester is often used. This article mainly describes the working principle, measuremen range of zinc plating thickness tester and how to measure the galvanized coating thickness.

1. What is the maximum measurement range of zinc plating thickness tester?

galvanized layer

Different zinc plating thickness testers have different measurement ranges due to different measuring principles. Generally speaking, the zinc plating thickness tester unit on the market is μm. The measuring range of different brands and models ranges from 0 to 5000 μm.

Many zinc plating thickness testers use magnetic thickness measurement and eddy current thickness measurement principles.

Magnetic thickness measurement method: The magnetic zinc plating thickness tester is suitable for non-magnetic layer thickness measurement on magnetically permeable metal substrates. For example, the substrate is steel \ iron \ silver \ nickel and the surface coating is zinc plating, copper plating, chrome plating, rubber, paint, etc.