Lock washers - keep the bolts from loosening I'm serious!

What is a lock washer?

In order to prevent the bolt from loosening, a special gasket is added under the nut and next to the screw, which can increase friction and cushioning, protect the surface of the connected parts from scratches by the nut, and disperse the pressure of the nut on the connected parts. This is a pair of washers with a special cambered surface, which with a unique wedge locking method, form a secure bolt locking system that is not affected by any vibration or dynamic loads.

Safe installation of lock washers

1. The installation of the anti-loosening washer is very simple, just place the inner helical tooth surfaces of the two washers against each other and place them between the nut and the connecting material.
2. After the nut is tightened, the radial raised surface on the outside of the lock washer and the contact surfaces at both ends are engaged, and the slope angle of the helical tooth surface on the inside of the washer is greater than the thread angle of the bolt.
2. When the bolt is elongated due to mechanical vibration, the nut will be rotated and loosened accordingly. On the other hand, the frictional force of the radially convex surface on the outside of the lock washer is greater than the frictional force between the inner helical tooth surfaces, so in this state, only the relative dislocation between the inner helical tooth surfaces is allowed to generate lifting tension. The bolt is contracted by the elongated bolt.
3. When the bolt shrinks, the helical surface of the washer will cause the nut to return to its original position.
5. Anti-loose washers are only suitable for flat and smooth metal surfaces. 
6. If the connecting material is non-metallic material, a metal plate can be fixed on the connecting material, so that the lock washer can be used.
7. There is no need to use a torque wrench when installing the lock washer. 
8. Pneumatic tools can also be used when installing or removing the lock washer.

Advantages of lock washers

· Highest safety performance
Prevent loosening due to mechanical vibrations and dynamic loads
·Easy to install and remove
The locking effect is not affected by lubrication
·Good locking effect regardless of preload force
Has the same temperature characteristics as bolts/nuts

Precautions for lock washers Precautions for lock washers

To ensure the unique wedge lock function of the lock washer, the contact surface hardness must not exceed the washer. When removing a bolt locked by a lock washer, there will be slippage between the large serrations, and when the nut/bolt is loosened, the two large serrations will click. Lock washers are highly reliable and have a wide range of applications.