Understanding Various Aspects of Disc Springs

 The disc springs are also known as conical spring washers. The cone-shaped washers are used by a wide range of industrial applications including safety valve, torque converter, control valves and clutches manual transmission. These washers are designed as springs that can effectively absorb strong forces with low depletion. The disc springs are available in different sizes, and with varying features. So you must understand important aspects of conical spring washers to choose the right components for your industrial application.

Features: The design of disc springs differ from the design of common washers. Unlike conventional washers, the disc springs are cone-shaped, and have round edges. The outer diameter of conical spring washers vary from 6mm to 600mm. The spring washers are normally made of steel. But some professional disc spring manufacturers like Vinsco provide conical spring washers made of nickel and cobalt alloy, corrosion resistant steel, and inconel.

Functionality: The disc springs are used widely while assembling machines to absorb stress from bolts and bolted joints. These washers are also designed with features to withstand high tension with minimal returning forces. So these components are used by many heavy machines and industrial applications to effectively withstand high pressure.

Usage: As noted earlier, the conical spring washers are used by many industrial and military applications that require high tension along with low deflection. The disc springs are further effective in keeping the applications safe in environments with high heat. Also, they are used by landmines, aircrafts ad other military weapons as shock absorbers. Many professional racing car models also use disc springs as shock absorbers.

It is always important to compare the features and specification of a disc spring according to the requirements of your industrial application. Some reputable professional manufacturers of conical spring washers like Vinsco also provide disc springs for a wide variety of application. You can always contact Vinsco to get high quality and durable disc springs complying with key standards.