Notice about HJ TECH (ZHEJIANG CHANNOV) coming to participate in the fastener exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany

      For three years, because of the epidemic, many companies have not officially gone abroad to participate in international exhibitions or visit exhibitions for three years. ZHEJIANG HJ TECH IS NO EXCEPTION. Three years is enough time for the market allocation to be reshuffled, some old customers have been robbed, and new customers have hardly increased, and export companies are inevitably anxious and worried. In 2023, China Tight Media will restart the work of overseas outreach group exhibitions, go abroad with export enterprises, participate in well-known exhibitions outside a number of countries (borders), and understand the development of peer industries while receiving orders. In this exhibition, the company should win the recognition and trust of customers with real strength, and plan for long-term business contacts in the future. We sincerely welcome friends from all parties to stop and consult at the exhibition.

      The Fastener Fair in Stuttgart, Germany will be held in Stuttgart, Germany, from March 21 to 23, 2023. The German Stuttgart International Fastener Exhibition and the United States Las Vegas Exhibition and Shanghai International Fastener Professional Exhibition are known as the world's three major fastener professional exhibitions, with strong international influence, held every two years. This exhibition gathers internationally famous fastener manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and distributors, exhibiting a variety of the latest products and technologies, a wide range of categories, high technology content, to a certain extent represents the technical trend and fashion trend of the fastener industry. Stuttgart Fasteners is the leading trade fair in the fastener industry in Europe. The exhibition provides a good communication platform for fastener manufacturers, suppliers and buyers, professionals, distributors and industry experts.

      "We hope to use this exhibition to meet more new friends, strengthen technical exchanges and open up the European market." THIS IS ALSO WHAT ANDY (HJ TECH) EXPECTS. This is the first time that the company has gone abroad to participate in the exhibition this year, hoping to take this opportunity to win the "red flag" and strive for higher export growth this year.

Company Exhibit Range :

Flat washers according to DIN, ISO, UNI,ASTM;
Fender Washers,SAE Washers,USS Washers,Hardened Washer,Spring washers.Contact washers,Conical Washers,Repair Washers,Tab Washers,Beveled Washers F436 A325 A490;
Pipe Clamps:RGD/EMT Tubing Clips,Strut Clamps;
Furniture Reinforcement :Shelf Brackets,Corner Braces,Angle brackets,Mending Plates;
Construction Brackets:Timber Connectors, roth bracketAngle Bracket,Joist Hanger
Channel Strut Fittings:Spring Nuts ,Corner Angle,Cross Corner Plates,Splice Plates;
Duct Accessories:TDF/TDC Duct Corners,HAVC Duct Flange Corners;
Parts on drawing.

Commercial range:
Anchors,Hex Bolts,Hex Cap Screw,Carriage bolts,Hex Nuts,Hex Flange Nuts,A194 Heavy Hex Nut,Hex lock nuts nylon insert, T-Nuts,Coupling nuts