We deliver on time!

We have always attached importance to cooperation with every customer and manufacturer.
In September 2021, we received inquiries from regular customers in Mexico. After more than half a year of continuous order tracking, the sales specialist successfully signed the order in May 2022. The ordered items covered washers, bolts, nuts, etc. all of which were used in local mortar transportation projects. The goods were complex and the delivery date was urgent. After confirming all the technical details and drawings with the customer, HJ.TECH quickly ordered the required raw materials. During the production process, due to the spread of the epidemic, in order to cooperate with the government's epidemic prevention work, it went through a short shutdown, but this did not affect the progress of the contract. At the first time of resumption, the workshop readjusted the production plan, concentrated the productivity and worked overtime in a short time to ensure the delivery of the whole batch of goods on schedule. In early Junel, the Third-party inspection organization designated by the customer conducted the final inspection of the whole batch of goods, and the inspection data do 100% meet the customer's order requirements. At present, the goods have successfully set sail for Mexico.

Here at HJ.TECH, we believe in the golden rule and treat our clients how we would like to be treated. Our customer service goes way beyond what is required and that is just one of the many reasons why our valued partners trust us.
Are you looking to expand / diversify your supply chain, does your purchasing department need a reliable source of quality products ?
Here at Jinzhaobo we are a direct manufacture and can accommodate all your fastener requirements. Our extensive product range include, Hex bolts, TC Bolts, Hex nuts & washers.
If you projects require a manufacturing plant here at our purpose built location we can assist with this.
We offer a range of products in a variety of material grades at competitive prices with the capabilities to manufacture to your bespoke drawings or any International standards all backed up and quality controlled by our ISO 9001 quality management systems.
To discuss your requirements further please feel free to contact me  of the following:[email protected]