2023 Fastener Fair Global at Stuttgart

2023 Fastener Fair Global at Stuttgart

Fastener Fair Global is an international trade fair for fastener and fastening technology manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and suppliers, held every two years at Stuttgart, Germany. The event covers the entire fastener & fixings industry, and provides key insights into industry trends as well as key information on the latest developments in the industry. It is also the international flagship event in the Fastener Expo series dedicated to fasteners and fastening technology. Covering all fasteners and fixing technologies, the event is a tailor-made platform for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and suppliers to showcase their products. Fastener Fair Global is for distributors, suppliers, engineers and other industry professionals who supply and purchase fasteners and fixings for every key manufacturing industry.

Fastener Fair Global offers a unique presentation and networking platform in one of the world's leading industrial economies. Fasteners and fastening systems are an integral part of every field of manufacturing, from home appliances to high-tech applications in the automotive, aerospace and construction sectors.

Fasteners and fixing techniques are not only limited to the well-known washers, screws, nuts, bolts and pins,etc., but also raw materials to forming and forging processes, as well as coating and heat treatment, custom designed fixings, inspection processes, distribution and logistics. At the global fastener exhibition, we have the complete supply.

The Global Fastener Show provides an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge, learn about new industry trends and connect with global fastener professionals.

Who Participates in Fastener Fair Global?

Industrial fasteners and fixtures.

building fixtures.

Assembling and installing system.

Fastener manufacturing technology.

Storage, distribution & factory equipment.

Information, communication and services.

Who Visit Fastener Fair Global?

The Global Fastener Show is aimed at distributors, suppliers, engineers and other industry professionals who source and trade fasteners and fixings from the following industry sectors: Car, Aerospace, Ocean, Electrical and Electronic Products, General Engineering - Light/Heavy, HVAC/AC/Service, Energy and Power Generation, Communication Technology, Furniture Manufacturing, Sanitary Ware and Plumbing, etc.

H.J Tech Staged on the Show

H.J Tech Industry is a leading manufacturer in the production of steel washers, stainless washers, strut fittings, pipe clamps & construction brackets, etc. Founded in 2005, We focus on the development, design and manufacturing, providing customers with quality materials and personalized services.

We provide diverse products in a timely and reliable manner. And we can also customizing your own products which totally meet the requirements of customers. We develop from a washer factory into an integrated factory with the diversity of washers, stamping parts & clamps, etc.

During March 21-23, 2023, Jiaxing HJ Tech participated in Fastener Fair Global. All of us took this event very seriously and were well-prepared, and excited to showcase our products to a wider audience. Our main purpose is to introduce our range of high-quality products to fresh customers. And our booth number for this event was H1-1274, I don’t know if someone of you still remember?

We were delighted to present the full range of our washers including:

Disc Spring Washers

Circlips & Retainers

Tooth Lock Washers

High Tensile Washers

Spring Lock Washers

Tab Washers

Square Taper Washers

Sealing Washers

Customized carbon steel stamping parts

Customized stainless steel stamping parts

Customized copper&aluminum stamping parts

During the exhibition, our products received high attention from many new and old customers. We were extremely pleased and proud of this. And we were pleased to find that the other products such as strut channels, clamps & brackets, etc., also attract many visitors. This is an affirmation of our products and we really appreciate every customer who had come to our booth. Many new visitors(BTS, BMK & TFC, etc.) have established good relationships with us, and we hope to have the opportunity to meet again or work together tightly.