A New Chapter for Channov An Upsurge on Visit

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Zhejiang Channov Auto Parts Co., Ltd. faced a unique challenge in maintaining its global presence. However, we are thrilled to announce a successful resurgence in our international market operations. From May to September, 2023, we have the honor to meet many overseas clients. It signifies our commitment to rebuilding and expanding our global partnerships.

The pandemic disrupted global business in many ways, affecting travel, supply chains, and the economy. As a company specializing in manufacturing and exporting washers and stamping parts, we had to swiftly adapt to these changes. Yet, we persevered, and our recent accomplishments demonstrate our resilience and adaptability.

We are pleased to invite Reyher, Tonimaster, Bufab, Keller & Kalmbach, etc. to visit our company. Before our clients arrived, we make sufficient preparations to make them feel the sincerity and enthusiasm of our company, and also feel that this trip is worth it.

We showcase various types of washers and bushes to our customers, allowing them to more virtually feel our company's professional spirit and strength.

Our experienced team members are on hand to explain our production processes and answer any questions. Our discussions center on the future. We will explore new opportunities for growth and collaboration, affirming that our business ties remain robust and forward-looking.

Our sales personnel have left a deep impression on our customers with their rich professional knowledge and proficient work abilities. The customers give us good feedback after their visit.

Our recent visit from many significant international clients are momentous occasions for us. It not only showcases our superior product line, but also reinforces our dedication to quality and collaboration.During the visit, we offer our client an in-depth tour of our cutting-edge manufacturing facility. We are excited about the prospects of strengthening our relationships with international clients.

With our high-quality products and dedicated team, we are confident in our ability to continue exceeding expectations. The visit from our international client is more than a reunion; it was a symbol of our mutual commitment to excellence and partnership. At Zhejiang Channov Auto Parts Co., Ltd., we look forward to a future filled with even deeper collaboration and shared success.