International Fastener Show China 2023 - Shanghai

International Fastener Show China 2023 - Shanghai

The International Fastener Show China 2023 - Shanghai was held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall on May 22-24, 2023. As the core fastener professional exhibition of the global fastener industry, Shanghai International Fastener Exhibition has connected the entire industrial chain with the terminal, and focuses on the export. The exhibition covers fastener raw and auxiliary materials, professional equipment, molds and consumables, design technology, testing experiments, e-commerce platforms, industry services, information consultation, standard fasteners, special fasteners, stamping parts and other industrial chains which benchmark the global fastener industry market and terminal fields. Well-known buyers and purchasing groups from more than 50 countries and regions come here every year, involving automobiles, ships, electronics & electrical appliances, machinery equipment, aviation & aerospace, and terminal industries such as construction, rail transportation, etc.

International Fastener Show China, the technical fastener exhibition is initiated and hosted by China General Machine Components Industry Association and China Fastener Industry Association, representing the authority and influence in the industry. What’s more, IFS China is one of the three largest fastener events in the world and the outstanding show in Asia which covers the whole fastener supply chain.

The show covered raw materials, specialized equipment, dies and consumables, design technology, testing and experimentation, e-commerce platform, industry services, standard fasteners, special fasteners and stamping parts for visitors from construction, electronics, automotive, aerospace and other industries. International Fastener Show China is closely bound up with the whole fastener industry in China and has developed into an industry benchmark for the fastener industry in Shanghai.

Zhejiang Channov Staged on the Show

The exhibits are divided into 2 halls.

  • Hall 1
  • Hall 2
  • Machinery/Fastener materials
  • Fasteners
  • Fastener manufacturing machinery
  • Standard fasteners
  • Auxiliary equipment
  • Non- standard fasteners
  • Inspection equipment/Measuring devices
  • Aerospace fasteners/Military fastener
  • Installation/Measurement and maintenance
  • Construction fasteners
  • Molds /Consumption goods
  • Other related fasteners and parts
  • Fastener technology/Services


CHANNOV’s Booth No.: H2-851

Yes, we are a leading manufacturer in the production of steel washers, stainless washers, strut fittings, pipe clamps & construction brackets, etc. Founded in 2005, We focus on the development, design and manufacturing, providing customers with quality materials and personalized services.

We are pleased to exhibit parts of our products including:



  • Disc spring washers
  • Strut channels & spring nuts
  • Circlips & retainers
  • RGD/EMT Clamps
  • Tooth lock washers
  • Construction Brackets and Connectors
  • High tensile washers
  • Spring Lock Washers
  • Tab washers
  • Square taper washers
  • Sealing washers
  • Customized carbon steel stamping parts
  • Customized stainless steel stamping parts
  • Customized copper&aluminum stamping parts


We were really delighted to attend the International Fastener Show in Shanghai . At the show, we met a lot of our clients that have been known each other for a while, as well as some new faces. We talked a lot about the development of the industry, the manufacturing and application of products, or our cooperation in the past and the possibility of working together in the future. It was a great opportunity for our company, and a great honor for us to meet so many excellent customers. We feel very lucky and hope that we can establish a good friendship or maybe cooperative relationship with these great friends we met here.

We will stage on this fair in May, 2024 again, looking forward to seeing you again!